Snapchat CPM Cost and Analysis

Snapchat CPM Cost and Analysis – A Full Breakdown

Snapchat has been quiet about their CPM costs thus far. So we have been aggregating our own data. This, for now, is specific to geofilters (which is the only ad offering from Snapchat currently available to everyone) and influencer sponsorships (something we manage here at Wallaroo Media). CPM geofilters range widely in cost (depending on the square footage you want the filter to cover, and the length of time).

snapchat CPM costs

CPM Rates for Snapchat Geofilters:

Below are some official numbers from different geofilter campaigns that have been done. Keep in mind a few things: a) If you do a filter in an area with a larger population, or where an event is going on, the views will be greater; b) The minimum area to cover is 200,000 square feet and the maximum is 5M square feet; c) The minimum cost for a geofilter is $5.

  • $66 for 19,486 views – CPM of $3.38
  • $62 for 229,713 views – CPM of $0.27
  • $6.49 for 23,871 views – CPM of $0.27
  • $11 for 226 views – CPM of $48.67
  • $5.59 for 1,154 views – CPM of $4.84

We have much more data than that, but that is just a sample to illustrate the variance that can occur with Snapchat geofilter CPMs. Now, here is some data for CPMs using influencer sponsorships through Snapchat:

  • $100 for 192,000 views – CPM of $0.52
  • $50 for 111,000 views – CPM of $0.45
  • $200 for 403,000 views – CPM of $0.49
  • $20 for 38,000 views – CPM of $0.52
  • $500 for 1,200,000 views – CPM of $0.41

As you can see, there is less variance when it comes to the CPM rates for influencers on Snapchat. The ROI is pretty fantastic here.

As we get more data, we will continue to update this piece! Need Snapchat geofilters or influencer sponsorship campaign? Contact us today!

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