Snapchat Introduces “Snapchat Filter Games”

Snapchat Continues to Evolve…

Snapchat introduced “Snapchat Filter Games” today for the first time (screenshots below). I guess Snapchat wants you to play with your face, not just take pics of it.

snapchat filter games

These games are appearing within the filtering options. Surely this is part of greater future plans for these games to become large revenue drivers for the company (through ads/sponsored games/etc.). Snapchat officially confirmed the launch of their new native games feature.

The Snapchat Filter Game launched today is called “Santa’s Helper”. The game places your face into an elf body, then you tilt your device back & forth to steer yourself down a ski slope as you collect presents & avoid obstacles. You can snap a picture along the way at any time and share it with your friends.

snapchat filter games example

That’s my face 🙂

Recently, some of Snapchat’s influencers have tried creating their own DIY games on the platform. These includes things like prompting the viewers to take a screenshot at the right time (like when parts of an image line up in a fast-moving video).

As you can imagine – engagement levels are extremely high for content like this, which will make it very valuable when it comes to advertising.

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