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Last updated: May 23, 2017.

Below is a conglomeration of content marketing resources. We have compiled what has become a fantastic resource for our company. We hope you can use it for your own. We have content marketing articles, tips, resources, examples, case studies, tools, inspiration, and more. This post starts with the tips, but don’t forget to scroll down to see the other amazing resources and tools!

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Post by Brandon Doyle

Snapchat Shows – How Snapchat Discover is Transforming Social Media

Snapchat Shows Are Game-Changing and The Future is Premium Mobile Video

Last updated: May 15, 2017

Snapchat’s Discover section is unique. For the unfamiliar, Discover is made up of daily content produced by professional publishers (think CNN, ESPN, NatGeo, People, New York Times, etc.), exclusive to Snapchat. The content, just likes Snaps themselves, is only available for 24 hours. But Snap, Inc. has a bigger vision for Discover: Snapchat Shows.

Before we dive in to Snapchat Shows, think about the video content you consume on mobile. Twitter is full of GIFs, Instagram is full of memes, Facebook is full of “viral” or political content, YouTube is full of garbage. Yes, you can find great video content on all of these platforms. But Snapchat is aiming to be the premiere hub for mobile video, and their approach is truly a unique one.

planet earth 2 snapchat show

Discover itself has daily editions of interesting content. But “Shows” is what can truly set Snapchat apart.

As of now, there are 15 Shows on Snapchat or in development for Snapchat:

  • The Bachelor: Watch Party – A weekly show on Tuesdays that recaps The Bachelor episode from the previous night – by ABC
  • The Rundown from E!  (NBC just announced this gets 8 Million viewers/episode)
  • Good Luck America – A Snapchat original show (episode one of the new season had over 6 million viewers)
  • Game Day – A weekly show on Saturdays during college football season – by ESPN
  • The Voice – Additional, exclusive content from the network hit – by NBC
  • The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon – Additional, exclusive content from the late night show – by NBC
  • Saturday Night Live – Additional, exclusive content from the comedy sketch show – by NBC
  • Hungry Hearts with Action Bronson – A reality show about dating – by VICE
  • Second Chance – An unscripted reality TV drama series – by A+E
  • Phone Swap – New original dating show from Vertical
  • Winter Olympics 2018 – Snapchat and NBC announced a partnership for the event

Snap recently announced a deal with Discovery Communications to develop shows for the platform under the Shark Week and Mythbusters properties.

Additionally, MGM Television inked a deal with Snapchat. MGM Television is the first major entertainment studio to sign on as a partner. MGM is involved with popular shows such as Fargo, Survivor, Vikings, and Shark Tank.

Recently, the biggest show of them all premiered: BBC’s Planet Earth II. Planet Earth will also be sponsored by Goldman Sachs, who will be running Snap Ads throughout the episodes.

Raj Mody, vice president of social media at National Geographic (one of Snapchat Discover’s partners), recently told Kerry Flynn at Mashable: “It started out as an experiment, but it’s become really, really real. When you look at our brand we’re a leader in social media and in visual storytelling. The fact that they’re evolving the platform, that’s something that has been enormously helpful.”

Discover has grown to over 40 partners now. And these partners produce more than just the Shows mentioned above. They produce digital magazines, “Editions”, “Our Stories”, and more. In aggregate, this original content on Snapchat is getting hundreds of millions of views per month. Some Discover partners are generating tens of millions in revenue. Vertical Networks’ Discover channel, Brother, now reaches over 1 billion views per month. And that’s not even the largest one.

snapchat shows discover

One of Snapchat’s Originals: Good Luck America

If Snap can continue to build out original content through partnerships, the platform can continue to evolve and be a go-to destination for premium mobile video. Snap has some inherent advantages that will allow them to pursue this venture: being headquartered near Hollywood and the “cool” factor. Snap seems to zig when other social platforms of the past have zagged. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds over time. As we have written before, Snapchat is the future of television. And here at Wallaroo, we believe in Snapchat.

Disney and ABC Form Original Content Partnership with Snapchat

Disney and ABC have announced a partnership with Snapchat to create original content for the social platform, beginning in January. This marks the first instance of an official partnership for original content creation on Snapchat. The initial series will be called “Watch Party: The Bachelor”, a complement to ABC’s popular franchise that will kick off on January 3. Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

The original programming will feature comedians, celebrities, super fans, and former show alumni discussing the latest episodes. There will be 10 Snapchat episodes and one Live Story.

Future shows based on other Disney/ABC properties will roll out later in the year. Earlier this year they collaborated on a live story for the Oscars, which performed extremely well.

Tool Marketing – How to Effectively Use Interactive Tools to Build Your Business

Updated: October 20, 2016

Content marketing is all the rage these days. And for good reason. Creating high quality content and coupling it with a solid link building and/or social outreach strategy can be very effective. It’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd. There are millions of blog posts written every day. 2-3 million in fact. Look at this site – worldometers.info/blogs – it has a live counter to prove it! That’s not to say that you should never write blog posts. But if that’s the core of your content marketing strategy, you need to switch it up. There are many different types of content forms that can be utilized (i.e. tutorials, guides, eBooks, images, case studies, slide decks, infographics, etc.). We think that “tool marketing” is an avenue that should be pursued. Tool marketing can be the most effective and evergreen content of all.

not tool marketing

Not this type of tool 🙂

First off, some of the leading companies in the digital marketing industry have created tools themselves. These have undoubtedly had great success in building their respective brands. Some highlights (data pulled from OSE):

http://www.opensiteexplorer.org/ – Open Site Explorer from Moz – 5600 Linking Root Domains and 3500 social shares
http://marketing.grader.com/ – Marketing Grader from HubSpot – 5100 LRDs and 5900 shares
http://www.socialsiteexplorer.com/ – Social Site Explorer from 97th Floor – 9 LRDs and 81 shares
http://www.seerinteractive.com/seo-toolbox/ – the SEO Toolbox from SEER Interactive – 90 LRDs and 334 shares
http://www.greenlaneseo.com/outdated-content-finder/ – Outdated Content Finder from Green Lane SEO – 52 LRDs and 82 shares
http://www.siegemedia.com/embed-code-generator – Embed Code Generator from Siege Media – 42 LRDs and 54 shares
http://www.quicksprout.com/ – Website Analyzer from QuickSprout (data is skewed because the tool now resides as the homepage) – 2300 LRDs and 3300 shares
http://mozcast.com/ – The Google Algorithm Weather Report – 729 LRDs and 6600 shares
http://www.portent.com/tools/title-maker/ – Content Idea Generator from Portent – 551 LRDs and 4100 shares

Those are some great numbers! Let’s see how other websites do it…

tool marketing

Examples of Tools on Other Websites:

http://www.marketplace.org/topics/wealth-poverty/income-upshot – What does your income say about you?
http://www.thistothat.com/ – Because people have a need to glue things to other things.
http://www.staples.com/sbd/cre/marketing/technology-research-centers/ereaders/speed-reader/ – Speed read tool.
http://www.forrent.com/blog/tv-size/ – What TV is best for my apartment?
http://search-by-drawing.fullstackoptimization.com – Search Google by drawing.
http://forecast.baremetrics.com/ – A SAAS revenue forecaster tool.
http://www.disruptiveadvertising.com/customer-lifetime-value/ – A customer lifetime value calculator.
http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-15391515 – Where do you fit in the world population?
http://namify.com/target-social-media/ – How to find your demographic on social media.
http://www.budgetdirect.com.au/packinglist/ – Ultimate travel packing list tool.
http://mwranches.com/choose-adventure/ – Tool for finding outdoor adventures near you.
http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/ – Tool to check to see if a website is down.
http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2014/upshot/buy-rent-calculator.html?_r=1 – Is it better to rent or buy?
http://netflixroulette.net/ – Find Netflix movies to watch.
http://growth.tlb.org/# – Startup growth calculator.
http://rcs.seerinteractive.com/destination-layover/where-you-at – Find things to do on your layovers.
http://chronicle.nytlabs.com/ – Visualizing language usage in NYT news coverage throughout its history.
http://www.solarwinds.com/npm-roi-calculator.aspx – Network ROI calculator.
http://ad-spend-calculator.qwilr.com/ – Should my startup pay to advertise?
https://www.defensivedriving.com/road-trip-planner/ – Road trip planner.
http://getdatadriven.com/ab-significance-test – Tool to see if your A/B tests are significant.
http://www.twofoods.com/ – Instantly compare two foods’ nutritional value.

http://salaryorequity.com/ – Salary or equity calculator.

https://photofunia.com/effects/retro-wave – 80’s style picture maker.

Some of the tools above were made by my agency. Some are beautiful, some are not. Perhaps the most underwhelming example above is http://www.thistothat.com/. But that site has 660 linking root domains and 6,000 social shares! So the tools don’t need to be pretty or perfect to achieve success.

How can you create a tool for your business? 6 steps.

Now that you have (hopefully) been inspired by the awesome examples above, let’s go through the process of how you can create your own tool. Below are the steps that we use at our agency.

  1. Define the goal for the tool. Do you want to drive revenue? Do you want to build your brand? Are you trying to build links? These answers should be clearly defined before you begin the content ideation process. Different types of tools are created for different reasons.
  2. Comb through your existing content/resources. Depending on your previous content marketing initiatives, you may already have some piece of valuable content or resource that could be repurposed into a tool. DO NOT skip this step. You may save yourself a lot of time.
  3. Look for successful content in your niche. Search over what your competitors have been producing. Look at niche subreddits on Reddit. Check out relevant Google Plus communities and LinkedIn groups. Find what is working well and decide if it’s something you can improve upon. You’d be surprised at what you might find.
  4. Talk to your clients/customers. Don’t be afraid to ask your current clients or customers! Ask them if there are things they’ve been looking for recently that you could make.
  5. Create the content. After doing your research and deciding on what you want to make, make it! If your tool involves a lot of programming, consider using resources like omniref.com or codepen.io patterns or github.com to save you time and money.
  6. Promote the content. This is arguably the most important part of the entire process. There are many posts here on Moz that provide tips for outreach. But you should consider mapping out links and shares of similar content (using tools like BuzzSumo or Moz) and reaching out to all of those opportunities. This step CANNOT be overlooked.

Now that you have the steps, I hope you can get started on making a tool of your own! Please let me know if you have any questions along the way, just tweet me here. I’d love to chat with you! And if you know any tools that you think are awesome, please let me know! Good luck!