Facebook & Instagram Continue to Copy Snapchat

Over the last few months, three new announcements came out about Facebook. Each of them points to Mark Zuckerberg taking pages straight out of Evan Spiegel’s book. The three announcements were covered here, here, and here.

First, Facebook is tweaking their live video section to look more like Snapchat’s. Simple enough.

Second, it’s been reported by multiple outlets that Facebook is prepping a competitor for Snapchat’s “Discover” section. It will reportedly be named “Collections”. Everyone wants in on the content game. See side by side examples here (with Snapchat on the left and Facebook on the right):

Third, and the most blatant of all, Facebook has introduced camera effects called “location frames”, which work just like Snapchat’s geofilters. Just like geofilters, users can create and submit illustrations tied to specific locations. Users can also submit more general designs with illustrations not tied to a specific location. No word on if Facebook will create pay-to-play versions of their Location Frames yet. Check out an example below.

Facebook Location Frames

So, it will be interesting to follow along as these two tech titans continue to battle in 2017. One thing is clear – Facebook does not want to relinquish its lead as the go-to social platform.

Update on 12/21/16: Instagram just added a stickers feature, in yet another copy of Snapchat. You can now add “contextual stickers” and “location based stickers” on Instagram. See an example below from Instagram.

instagram adds location and contextual stickers

Instagram Location Stickers

Update on 3/8/17: Instagram Stories launches geostickers. Snapchat launched their geostickers in 2014. Below are screenshots of Instagram’s new geostickers, courtesy of TechCrunch. Take a look at how blatant the copy is…

instagram stories geostickers

Instagram Stories Geosticker

instagram stories launches geostickers


Update on 3/10/17: Facebook launches a new feature inside of Messenger called “Messenger Day”. Take a look at the screenshot of the new feature below.

facebook messenger day snapchat clone

Be honest with yourself – is that not an exact clone of Snapchat?! Facebook’s executives are saying no. But I think we can all agree, it’s a clone. Yet another example of Facebook’s inability to innovate. The new feature is only available in the U.S. for now, but it is said to be rolled out to other countries soon.

UPDATE on March 28, 2017: Facebook launches Stories on its mobile app to the whole world. It essentially creates a second Newsfeed for mobile users. This form of “Stories” is basically a straight copy of Snapchat. See below:

facebook stories

UPDATE on April 13, 2017: Instagram announces three(!) new Snapchat feature copies: Geostickers (custom designed stickers at local landmarks), Sticker pinning (just like Snapchat’s motion-tracking emoji feature), and Selfie stickers (quite similar to Snapchat’s scissors tool).

P.S. – If you need custom Snapchat geofilters, we got you  :).

Why You Should Be Running Instagram Stories Ads

Instagram Stories Are Exploding, And You Need to Be Advertising On Them

Instagram Stories is growing extremely fast, like hockey stick fast. They recently announced that they have 150 Million daily users. That is almost the amount that Snapchat has. The company just announced the ability to run ads inside of Instagram Stories. Here are the details…

To start, the ads are unclickable. You can do 5-second image ads and 15-second video ads. As a business, you will get analytics on reach, impressions, replies, and exits. These will be viewable in the Insights section of the business profile.

Instagram Stories ad example

Currently, Instagram Stories ads will be sold on a CPM basis, and priced via auction. Also, at launch, the ads will not have the ability to click through to a website. That will be introduced in the near future, according to Instagram’s VP of Business James Quarles.

As a user, the following is nice: we won’t see ads until you start cycling through multiple stories from friends.

As we get more information about new Instagram Stories Ad formats and details, we will update this post. If you’re interested in an ad campaign, contact us today!

New Instagram Ads Feature

Instagram is testing a new ad feature to help improve its platform and ad ROI. Take a look at the screenshots below.

instagram ad test

That prompt at the top is the first thing you see. It says “Personalize What You See”, followed by “Quickly compare what you see on Instagram to help us know what you like.”

When you click that Get Started button, you see a series of ad comparisons where you are required to click on the one that appeals to you the most. Here are some examples:

instagram ad example

instagram ads testing

new instagram ads test

Then after you finish indicating which ads you like better, you see one final screen:

instagram thank you page

A simple message stating “We’ll use your responses to help improve Instagram”.

It will be interesting to see how the ads change going forward? Need help running your own Instagram ad campaigns? Contact us today!

The Most Liked Instagram Photo of 2016 Was An Advertisement…

Instagram and Snapchat have been the hottest social media platforms of 2016. Adweek recently did an article about the most liked photos on Instagram during the last year. Check it out here.

What is interesting is that the top Instagram post of 2016, the picture with (by far) the most likes, was an ad. The picture (below), was a collaboration between Coca Cola and Selena Gomez. It has more than 2 million more likes than the next most liked post ever on Instagram (also by Selena). How did Coca Cola pull this off? It’s about knowing your demographic and knowing what content works well for the demo/platform combo. Coca Cola teamed up with Selena to put some of her lyrics on a bottle. When she shared the post, all she wrote was “when your lyrics are on the bottle”. This allowed Selena to keep her “voice”. If you browse her feed, you’ll see that on almost every picture she shares, the caption is either a short phrase or just one word. The fact that her actual lyrics were on the bottle helped too. She also wore red to match the Coca Cola brand in the picture. All in all, it really was a perfect ad.

What did Coke have to shell out for this one post? Reportedly, the number is around $550,000, according to Us Weekly. That’s a lot of money for one post. But with over 6 million likes, almost 250,000 comments, and roughly 80 million impressions, that cost breaks down to less than one cent per view.

How can you win at social media marketing? Finding the perfect recipe is always key. Coke did that here. If you want help growing your brand via social media, reach out to us today.