Pinterest Introduces Live Camera Search

Pinterest’s New Feature Is a Gamechanger

Last week Pinterest debuted a new feature to the Lens aspect of its app. The new feature identifies what’s inside an image in real time, tags the items accordingly, and allows users to search for those items on Pinterest. See it in action here:

pinterest live camera search

Pinterests utilizes “Visual Guides” based on what it detects inside your live camera feed. Pinterest is trying to figure out what you are doing in the real world, and they are using augmented reality to enhance that experience. This is something that Snapchat has begun to experiment with as well. Which means Facebook is surely working on its version to be released soon. We expect Google is trying to keep up on their end too.

pinterest lens feature

We expect Pinterest to soon roll out ads within Lens, and allow marketers/advertisers to engage with consumers around products they are looking at buying in real time. The ROI potential for those campaigns has potential to be extremely high.


Pinterest is also adding the ability to read QR codes — a feature available in Snapchat and Facebook. These updates from Pinterest (and Snapchat and Facebook) are them trying to further invade our everyday experiences in the real world and intertwine our use/dependance on these social apps. It will be interesting to see how these social media behemoths continue to evolve…

Pinterest Rolls Out New Ad Offering: Search Ads

Pinterest Introduces Search Ads for Keywords and Shopping Campaigns

Great news for social advertisers: Pinterest officially debuts search ads for keyword targeting and shopping campaigns. The advertising option is currently available to Pinterest ad partners and with any company that advertises through the Kenshoo marketing platform.

Pinterest has been looking to beef up its ad offerings for a while now, and this is a HUGE step in that direction. The social media platform has been building more products to capture every aspect of a consumer’s buying behavior. Pinterest has always done well pitching marketers on their ads, since their users often come to discover new products to buy anyway. But with this introduction of search ads, it has potential to become the go-to ad platform for ecommerce-related social ads.

Adding search ads gives Pinterest the ability to tap into another part of that buying behavior — searching with the intent of a purchase (whether the consumer realizes it or not). This also opens the door for search volume. If Pinterest releases search volume data to advertisers, it would be absolutely fantastic.

pinterest search ads

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Google obviously currently dominates the search landscape. But Pinterest sees around 2 billion searches a month from its 150 million active users. Search ads are ripe for disruption, and it’ll be very interesting to see how this evolves over time. When Pinterest is compared to Google Images, Pinterest outperforms it handily.

As our society continues to evolve from a technological standpoint, and our interaction with images/video/augmented reality continues to increase, Pinterest is becoming a greater threat to Google.

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Pinterest Debuts “Lens”, A New Visual Discovery Tool

You Can Now Browse Pinterest, And The Real World, With Your Smartphone Camera

Pinterest just introduced a new feature, available in a few weeks, called “Lens”. This new feature lets you take pictures of objects you see in the real world and browse Pinterest for related topics/products based on them. Lens uses machine learning and computer vision to understand the objects you’re looking at and how they could be useful to you. Take a look at the video below for a brief explanation.

The thinking behind the new app feature is not just to show you similar objects to the pictures you take, but to surface results that are related. So, for example, taking a photo of carrots would show you relevant carrot recipes, not just more photos of carrots.

The implications of Lens are potentially huge. Optimization of your Pinterest images becomes more crucial than ever. Pinterest will undoubtedly introduce ads within this feature down the road as well. And with almost 200 million active users, Pinterest is not a social network that should be ignored.

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pinterest lens feature