Facebook & Instagram Continue to Copy Snapchat

Over the last few months, three new announcements came out about Facebook. Each of them points to Mark Zuckerberg taking pages straight out of Evan Spiegel’s book. The three announcements were covered here, here, and here.

First, Facebook is tweaking their live video section to look more like Snapchat’s. Simple enough.

Second, it’s been reported by multiple outlets that Facebook is prepping a competitor for Snapchat’s “Discover” section. It will reportedly be named “Collections”. Everyone wants in on the content game. See side by side examples here (with Snapchat on the left and Facebook on the right):

Third, and the most blatant of all, Facebook has introduced camera effects called “location frames”, which work just like Snapchat’s geofilters. Just like geofilters, users can create and submit illustrations tied to specific locations. Users can also submit more general designs with illustrations not tied to a specific location. No word on if Facebook will create pay-to-play versions of their Location Frames yet. Check out an example below.

Facebook Location Frames

So, it will be interesting to follow along as these two tech titans continue to battle in 2017. One thing is clear – Facebook does not want to relinquish its lead as the go-to social platform.

Update on 12/21/16: Instagram just added a stickers feature, in yet another copy of Snapchat. You can now add “contextual stickers” and “location based stickers” on Instagram. See an example below from Instagram.

instagram adds location and contextual stickers

Instagram Location Stickers

Update on 3/8/17: Instagram Stories launches geostickers. Snapchat launched their geostickers in 2014. Below are screenshots of Instagram’s new geostickers, courtesy of TechCrunch. Take a look at how blatant the copy is…

instagram stories geostickers

Instagram Stories Geosticker

instagram stories launches geostickers


Update on 3/10/17: Facebook launches a new feature inside of Messenger called “Messenger Day”. Take a look at the screenshot of the new feature below.

facebook messenger day snapchat clone

Be honest with yourself – is that not an exact clone of Snapchat?! Facebook’s executives are saying no. But I think we can all agree, it’s a clone. Yet another example of Facebook’s inability to innovate. The new feature is only available in the U.S. for now, but it is said to be rolled out to other countries soon.

UPDATE on March 28, 2017: Facebook launches Stories on its mobile app to the whole world. It essentially creates a second Newsfeed for mobile users. This form of “Stories” is basically a straight copy of Snapchat. See below:

facebook stories

UPDATE on April 13, 2017: Instagram announces three(!) new Snapchat feature copies: Geostickers (custom designed stickers at local landmarks), Sticker pinning (just like Snapchat’s motion-tracking emoji feature), and Selfie stickers (quite similar to Snapchat’s scissors tool).

P.S. – If you need custom Snapchat geofilters, we got you  :).

Snapchat Opens Up Ads API to Approved Partners

HUGE NEWS: Snapchat Ads API is OPEN

Snapchat is finally opening its advertising floodgates…

Snapchat ads opens API

As Snap prepares to go public, it is ramping up its efforts to generate significant revenue. The largest step in this equation is opening up ads to all, and today they took a big step forward towards this.

The company announced that its ads API is officially beyond the beta stage. It had been in beta for ~4 months while doing pilot campaigns with brands like Nissan, Gatorade, and McDonald’s.

The creative and technical aspects of running Snapchat Ads campaigns are quite complicated still. Interested in getting started? Contact us today!

Snapchat Ad Dimensions, Formats, and Specifications

Snapchat Ads Specs

Below are the specifications for Snapchat ads. If this is something you’re interested in running for your company or brand, first read our piece on Snapchat advertising costs and our piece on Snapchat CPMs. Also, feel free to contact us if you want to have us run an incredible campaign for you  :).

Here are the specifications…

Assets Required for Snapchat Ads:

  • Maximum ad length: 10 seconds (4-7 seconds is recommended)
  • Maximum file size: 32 MB
  • Asset dimensions: 1080 x 1920 (image must use the entire canvas)
  • 150px margin on top and bottom, 64px margin on each side
  • Resolution: 9:16 aspect ratio
  • File type: .mp4 or .mov file
  • Video code: H.264 encoded
  • Audio code: Audio 2 channels; PCM or AAC codec 192 minimum kbps 16 or 24 bit only 48 KHz sample rate
  • Note: Ads served via Snapchat API. Contact us for more information.

Snapchat Ads Restrictions:

  • Snap Ads are not allowed to have borders of any kind
  • Ads imitating organic Snaps or tools are not allowed (i.e. doodles or Snap style fonts)
  • CTAs involving sharing or screen shots are prohibited
  • Silent or still Snap Video Ads are restricted (i.e. must include sound)
  • Overly-complicated URLs are not allowed
  • Use of Snapchat branding is prohibited
  • Content must be approved for audience ages 13 and up
  • Snap Ad creative must vary if running multiple ads

Execution Timeline for Snap Ads:

  • For approved Snapchat advertisers, turnaround time from campaign inception to launch is 2-3 days

Contact us today to talk creative Snapchat Ad campaigns!

Snapchat Advertisers Can Now Target Users Based On Offline Sales Data

Snapchat Signs Deal With Oracle to Arm Marketers With More Intelligence

Snapchat just announced that they formed a partnership with Oracle Data Cloud. This new partnership will allow Snapchat advertisers to use third-party data about what users buy offline to target ads on Snapchat. This will be rolling out over the next month or two.

oracle data cloud snapchat ads

The data provided by Oracle is incredibly powerful. It includes over 100 different consumer demographics (i.e. “consumer tech shopper”, “cosmetics shopper”, etc.). This is a boon for Snapchat advertisers.

snapchat advertising offline sales data

So, very soon, expect to much more targeted ads in between your selfies  :).

snapchat ads selfie

The $20,000 Snapchat Geofilter

Be Careful of the $20,000 Snapchat Geofilter, a New Default Ad Cost for Special Events

Snapchat has introduced a new cost for certain types of Snapchat Geofilters. See the screenshot below and read on for more details as to when/where to expect these costs.

$20,000 snapchat geofilters

A $20,000 Snapchat Geofilter

That screenshot above is for a geofilter application in Salt Lake City, Utah. We wanted to sponsor the Silicon Slopes Summit conference with a filter at the convention center in the city. After we made our filter, we went to draw the fence around the convention center and saw that the price was $20,000. We were disappointed, but figured that the high cost was due to the fact that the convention center location was a popular venue, and perhaps Snapchat has tagged all similar venues around the country. That would make sense. So we decided to just sponsor the block next to the center – still $20k. We kept going farther and farther away, but it was always $20,000, even for just a one hour sponsorship. Then we remember, it’s the Sundance Film Festival. Snapchat must have tagged the entire downtown with this fee, regardless of area or duration. We confirmed this in other cities with events as well.

As new ad units from Snapchat become more rampant and available to all, we expect this to happen less. Nobody had any custom Snapchat filters downtown today, obviously due to the massive fee for such a small audience.

All this being said, a targeted Snapchat geofilter campaign still provides fantastic CPMs, as long as you carry out the campaign correctly.

Snapchat CPM Cost and Analysis

Snapchat CPM Cost and Analysis – A Full Breakdown

Snapchat has been quiet about their CPM costs thus far. So we have been aggregating our own data. This, for now, is specific to geofilters (which is the only ad offering from Snapchat currently available to everyone) and influencer sponsorships (something we manage here at Wallaroo Media). CPM geofilters range widely in cost (depending on the square footage you want the filter to cover, and the length of time).

snapchat CPM costs

CPM Rates for Snapchat Geofilters:

Below are some official numbers from different geofilter campaigns that have been done. Keep in mind a few things: a) If you do a filter in an area with a larger population, or where an event is going on, the views will be greater; b) The minimum area to cover is 200,000 square feet and the maximum is 5M square feet; c) The minimum cost for a geofilter is $5.

  • $66 for 19,486 views – CPM of $3.38
  • $62 for 229,713 views – CPM of $0.27
  • $6.49 for 23,871 views – CPM of $0.27
  • $11 for 226 views – CPM of $48.67
  • $5.59 for 1,154 views – CPM of $4.84

We have much more data than that, but that is just a sample to illustrate the variance that can occur with Snapchat geofilter CPMs. Now, here is some data for CPMs using influencer sponsorships through Snapchat:

  • $100 for 192,000 views – CPM of $0.52
  • $50 for 111,000 views – CPM of $0.45
  • $200 for 403,000 views – CPM of $0.49
  • $20 for 38,000 views – CPM of $0.52
  • $500 for 1,200,000 views – CPM of $0.41

As you can see, there is less variance when it comes to the CPM rates for influencers on Snapchat. The ROI is pretty fantastic here.

As we get more data, we will continue to update this piece! Need Snapchat geofilters or influencer sponsorship campaign? Contact us today!

Snapchat Spectacles, New Ads, and Stats…

Snapchat Spectacles, Ads, & Stats…

snapchat sunglasses








Snapchat is making waves on day one of Ad Week today. Here are the highlights:

  1. Snapchat officially announced that it has over 150 Million active users. 60 Million of those are in the US and Canada. The average user spends 25-30 minutes per day on the app. Insane. 41% of millennials are on Snapchat, compared to only 6% of millennials that watch TV. Want to learn more about why advertising on Snapchat is better than TV?  (Although it’s a no brainer at this point)
  2. Snapchat introduced some new ad formats today. Kerry Flynn from Mashable has a great writeup on those here. Need a further breakdown of Snapchat advertising costs? Click here.
  3. The biggest news from Snapchat was their Friday evening announcement of “Spectacles“, and Snap Inc. as a camera company. They’re positioning the glasses as “toys”. They’ll debut at $130 this fall. Watch the video here:

Looking for a Snapchat advertising agency? Contact us  🙂