Facebook is Going All In on High Quality Video and Content Creators

Facebook Launches “Facebook for Creators”; Renewed Focus on High-Quality Video

Facebook is going all in on high-quality video and is doing its best to take on YouTube. Facebook officially launches a new app last week called “Facebook for Creators”. The app allows creators/influencers to make and promote videos, as well as the ability to connect with their viewers and fans.

There is a new website as well.

The app is open to everyone. Facebook is encouraging all to create high-quality video content.

“It has never been a better time to be a creator on Facebook,” Facebook product director Daniel Danker said at VidCon this year. “With Facebook we can connect and create community with your audience and tell stories that are social, personal, and authentic.”

The app lets users easily add intros and outros to live videos as well as stickers and frames. The community tab in the app pulls together comments from Facebook and Instagram and messages from Messenger into one inbox. The app even includes analytics about a user’s Page and individual videos. Additional features will be released soon.

“We’ve gathered feedback from creators as we’ve built these resources, and will continue to take cues from the community as we try to make the Facebook experience fun and easy for creators – so they can do what they do best,” wrote Fidji Simo, Facebook’s VP of Product.

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Facebook for Creators

As a brand, this is definitely something to keep an eye on. Facebook has put a lot of effort behind this venture, and they’re marketing the heck out of it. Creators will be pushing content through this new app onto Facebook (a platform that creators have neglected for a while). Creators always test new apps/platforms, and stick with what works best. If Facebook for Creators can do that, then creators/influencers will add it to their repertoire.

From an ads perspective, expect Facebook to monetize these quickly. They’ve already begun testing mid-roll video ads, and rumor has it that they’ll be adding pre-roll ads soon too.

Keep an eye on this app…

Big News – YouTube Launches “YouTube TV”

YouTube Announces YouTube TV, A New Live TV Streaming Service

YouTube TV has been rumored for years, and it’s finally here, the company announced today. The service launches in the next couple months in select markets in the U.S. It will cost $35/month with no contract. That $35 will get you access to a suite of stations, including ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, ESPN, CW, Disney, CNBC, USA, NatGeo, and others. YouTube TV will also include YouTube Red’s 28 original series. The service will include unlimited cloud DVR space, which is nice.

In a small footnote, YouTube also announced something incredible: People are watching 1 Billion hours of YouTube per day. That is an insane number.

What This Means for Marketers and Advertisers

youtube tv

Even though YouTube TV is a paid service, it will still be ad-supported (just like regular TV). Running effective ads on YouTube TV is going to become an essential part of any marketing strategy. What is appealing about running ads on YouTube TV is that you’ll be able to be much more targeted than you can on TV, with much smaller budgets. Imagine running a sport apparel startup, and now being able to run ads during live NFL or NBA games? It’s going to be fantastic, so get ready! As Zuckerberg recently stated, video content is the future. YouTube obviously agrees.

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