Utah SEO Company - Digital Marketing

Founded in one of the nation’s hotbeds for startup companies, Wallaroo Media flexes its wings
to become a giant in Utah SEO.

The Wallaroo Media office is just across the way from NuSkin, one of Utah’s entrepreneurial
success stories, on Center Street in Provo. The company’s founders, Brandon Doyle and Kade
Hendershot, look through their front window at a mammoth corporate building to visualize what
they know they can achieve.

The company’s slogan is “driven by results.” Their purpose is to make small businesses more
visible online so they can thrive while competing with their competitors. With 60% of people
choosing one of the first three search results on their favorite search engine, these results they
provide are crucial for any company wanting to succeed in a digital world.

The tools they use to ensure success are SEO (search engine optimization), web design, social
media, original content, analytics and public relation tactics. With with all these tools in its belt
and its fresh approach, Wallaroo Media will use innovative strategies to ensure their clients are at
the top of the most prominent search engines.

Yet they insist they are not just simply a Utah SEO company but a nation wide internet media
organization with versatile capabilities. The combination of sound experience, new ideas and a
dedication to work harder than anyone else makes it the dark horse in Utah SEO game.

Wallaroo boasts a varied client base. Their clients range from barbers to pizzerias. Each new
client is assessed and given a proposal based on their specific needs and marketing goals. From
there it is Wallaroo’s responsibility to come up with innovative ways to push their products in
front of their target markets.

The organization is one-hundred percent transparent and they are open to phone calls and
questions at anytime. A more efficient and innovative service is not offered in the industry.