Vanilla Ice and Pet Wallaroos

Come on, admit it! At one point or another as a child, you wished you had a pet kangaroo, wallaby, or wallaroo! We here at Wallaroo Media sure did! We used to think how cool it would be to show my friends my unique pet that hops wherever we go and lets me keep my things in its built-in pouch. Many of us may still wish we owned such an exotic pet.

If you are up-to-date on your celebrity trivia, you might know that rapper Vanilla Ice made headlines back in 2005 when his pet wallaroo, Bucky Buckaro, escaped and startled his neighbors. If Vanilla Ice has a pet wallaroo, shouldn’t we all?

Before you rush off to it’s important to remember that in many places in The United States it is unfortunately illegal to own exotic pets such as wallaroos. If you ever seriously consider purchasing a wallaroo, make sure to first check to see if it is legal to own one in the state that you live.

The real question that is probably on your mind though is, “Do wallaroos make good pets?” The answer to that definitely depends on who you ask. Many people who own wallaroos say that they make excellent, loving, and curious pets. Some people even keep them in the house since they often bond so easily with people. On the other hand, there are those who would remind you that wallaroos are wild animals and would discourage keeping them as pets. (…But what do those people know any way?) Maybe the best way to find out is to get one and try it out?

wallaroo pet

Vanilla Ice - pet wallaroo