Wallaroos Verse Penguins - Who Would Win the Fight?

When Google announced Penguin, its newest search algorithm update, we immediately began debating an important question: Who would win in a fight between a penguin and a wallaroo?

Well, the debate didn’t start immediately . . . but the question definitely came up.We first considered all of the wallaroo’s most important features. First, a wallaroo is powerful and agile, like its larger cousin the kangaroo. Second, the wallaroo is low to the ground, like the wallaby, its smaller cousin. The wallaroo is strong enough to beat a penguin in a fight, and small enough to do it without shame.The wallaroo also has an inborn hardiness rarely found in the southern hemisphere. The wallaroo lives in the lower mountains of eastern australia, meaning it can brave the heat and the cold. No matter the geographical setting, the penguin would be at a disadvantage when fighting a wallaroo.

And don’t even get us started on the pouch. With its pouch, the wallaroo has an upper hand that would strike fear in the hearts of the largest fighting ostriches and emus. Surely smaller birds, a penguin no less, would flee in terror.

The penguin, a waddling, pudgy column of downy fluff, wouldn’t stand a chance against the wallaroo.

After much thought, it occurred to us that the wallaroo and the penguin would be friends rather than enemies. The wallaroo is cute, and the penguin is downright cuddly. Furthermore, where in the world could be found two species more loving and caring than these? Wallaroo mothers carry their young in a pouch, nurturing and loving them as they grow. Penguin fathers stand up for weeks on end, warming the eggs containing their future children.

Why would a wallaroo and a penguin ever need to fight? They wouldn’t, and that was the answer we needed. Wallaroos and penguins have coexisted on this planet for thousands of years without one recorded fight that we could find.

Google is working to bring users the results they’re searching for, and the Penguin update is meant to do this more effectively. At Wallaroo Media we help businesses get noticed by the people who are searching for the services they provide, and we’ll continue to do so as Google updates its algorithms. In spite of our strength and agility, we’re happy to refrain from fighting Google Penguin.

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Wallaroos verse Penguins

Erik Westesen