National and Local Utah SEO, Social Media, Online Marketing

At Wallaroo Media our focus is in five different areas:

  • Search Engine Optimization – There are billions of search every year. 60% of people click on one of the first three search results. We want to get your website to the very top.
  • Social Media – There are over one billion people on Facebook and 500 million on Twitter. Snapchat marketing is getting huge right now too. Every day they talk about their likes, dislikes, and intentions. We make you a part of that conversation.
  • Content Strategy – Creating quality and sharable content is crucial to any digital marketing campaign. Our team works hard to think of innovative and fun ways to reach your customers.
  • Online Marketing – Google Adwords and Facebook ad campaigns are great ways to find new customers. We optimize your ads for the best results.
  • Analytics – Understanding the behaviors of your customers and potential customers is crucial. We track and analyze your website visitors daily. This helps us identify the best ways we can make your company money.