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Beckett Simonon


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Backett Simonon Founder

Who is this client?

Nicholas and Andres were the owners of a leather goods brand who wanted to shake up the traditional retail store business model. This started when they noticed that the goods they supplied to retail stores were routinely marked up to the point where even they wouldn’t be able to comfortably afford them. They knew that something needed to change, so they set out to make it happen by starting Beckett Simonon in 2011.

Beckett Simonon was established in the DTC lane, circumventing the need for retail partners. They further cut costs by opting to control every aspect of production rather than outsourcing any steps. All Beckett Simonon products are made to order, eliminating the risk of carrying too much stock. All these steps created lower costs, and these savings really show in their prices.

Although their flagship product has been dress shoes, Beckett Simonon has expanded their selection to include belts, bags, sneakers, and backpacks. All of these items are crafted from premium leather or suede to offer their consumers quality products at the best possible price.



What did they want to achieve with Wallaroo?

Beckett Simonon was looking to expand their reach and their effectiveness on platforms that they were already advertising, and expand into new platforms, given they could achieve consistent growth on existing platforms.

What steps were taken with their business?

Wallaroo and Beckett Simonon began their partnership in October 2018, advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Ad creation, copywriting, and placement were all undertaken by Wallaroo, with representatives at Beckett Simonon approving and sharing input at every stage.

As results came in and Beckett Simonon was on the trajectory they had hoped for, Wallaroo began to manage ads on more platforms, including Snapchat and Outbrain. They began working with them on a Cost per Revenue model to distribute funds to their new variety of channels.

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COVID-19 brought its problems to Beckett Simonon’s doorstep, forcing their workshops to close for a couple months. With everything made-to-order, they needed to adjust their advertising to work with their lowered production capacity. Wallaroo was there to consult with Beckett Simonon and navigate the tightrope between missing opportunities for sales and overspending during a difficult time. Spend initially dipped by over 60% and fluctuated based on performance and capacity, but has recently come back above it’s 2019 level.

What results have they seen?

When Wallaroo started managing ads in October 2018, they were picking up for a strong brand that was already seeing a 3.2X ROAS. Monthly Ad spend was scaled 26% by the end of 2018, and returns had climbed to 3.9X. The two companies continued to look for avenues to expand, and by late 2019, monthly ad spend had increased another 121%, while returns were at a 3.1X. Beckett Simonon saw their first 7-figure month that November thanks to a strong Black Friday performance.

Spend leveled out in 2020 below the late 2019 peak due to COVID-19. Returns climbed steadily through the year on a new, limited budget, ending Q3 at 2.9X. Another strong Black Friday resulted in another 7-figure November, and as stability comes on the heels of COVID-19, the future is promising for Beckett Simonon.

In the 2-year partnership, monthly ad spend and conversion across all platform have increased 182% and 118% respectively.

The Beckett Simonon brand has continued to be strong and profitable while expanding sustainably in spite of obstacles during their time with Wallaroo. We are proud to consider them a partner and are excited to help their brand continue to reach even more customers.

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