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Who is Blanqi?

Blanqi was started by two mothers who wanted to help improve the experience of pregnancy and nursing, by making clothes to help women in these stages of life. They set out to design clothing that was comfortable, stylish, and helpful in ways uniquely needed by women who were pregnant and nursing. Carefully laid-out, seamless designs offer support and compression where they are needed most to alleviate pain. The materials are designed to be light, comfortable, stretch with the body, and wick away moisture. From maternity shirts and dresses to nursing tank tops, and even leggings designed for pregnancy and postpartum, Blanqi aims to make women comfortable in every stage of their journey.



What did they want to achieve with Wallaroo?

Wallaroo and Blanqi partnered in July 2019, as Blanqi was looking to expand their marketing efforts into Snapchat. The platform was new to them, and the hope was that a sizable portion of their target audience could be reached on Snapchat. Wallaroo helped out with setting up the account to be able to accurately track all the necessary events and metrics. The two companies then began building campaigns and strategies to reach their potential customer base on the platform. Together, they set a goal of a 6X ROAS on the channel, and got to work.

What steps were taken with their business?

Many of the early efforts made with Blanqi’s Snapchat account centered around finding the right audience. Testing different targeting and interests required clear and consistent communication between representatives at Wallaroo and Blanqi, as the balance between letting a campaign spend inefficiently for too long and overreacting and cutting a campaign too soon needed to be balanced. Spend was kept low and experimental through October, as the market was explored in preparation for the end of the year. This learning was implemented into November’s strategy, yielding phenomenal results (a 42X ROAS for the month still feels like a typo).
As the calendar rolled over into 2020, average monthly spend increased slightly, allowing for more complex testing in prospecting campaigns. This higher budget stayed level as new strategies were tested during the early months of the year. By May, both companies were ready to increase the ad spend further, and the average monthly spend was bumped up by 804% by the end of June, where a new phase of learning and expansion began, in preparation for a Black Friday push.

What results did they see?

Over the past 18 months, Blanqi’s efforts on Snapchat have become a valuable stream of revenue for the company. Ads on the platform have created over 40M total impressions, with a lifetime Cost Per Swipe Up of $0.94.

Advertising in the second half of 2019 generated just under 2,400 purchases, a number that was eclipsed by November 2020 alone.

In fact, comparing the first 6 months of the partnership (Jul.-Dec. 2019) with the most recent 6 months (Jul.-Dec. 2020) shows a 357% increase in total conversions.

Blanqi has also been able to consistently reach their goals since partnering with Wallaroo. Before scaling the monthly spend over 800% in June 2020, the average monthly ROAS was 14.2X. Since then, that number has come down to 8.8X, still above the target number of 6. Of the 18 months that Wallaroo and Blanqi have been partnered, only 3 individual months have seen a return lower than 6X, an achievement that we are immensely proud of.

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