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Who is BPN?

“Go One More” is Bare Performance Nutrition’s motto, and it’s an attitude that permeates everything they do. BPN makes a variety of premiere supplements for everyone looking to improve their health — from competitive powerlifters to those just starting their fitness journey.

Nick Bare started his company in 2012 while attending Indiana University of PA, with a mission to educate, inspire, and improve the performance of modern day athletes. Taking the values and lessons learned from his 4 years of military service, Nick has created a brand that helps everyone become the best version of themselves.

All of BPN’s supplements are made with high-quality ingredients, specifically chosen for precise benefits, and they are all approved by the Banned Substance Control Group, so athletes at any level can trust that they are supplying their bodies with the best possible fuel.



What did they want to achieve with Wallaroo?

BPN had seen plenty of success in their first seven years of operation but, true to the company ethos, they wanted to go for more. They had their first 7-figure month in November 2019 with a strong Black Friday, and wanted to reach that monthly threshold consistently in 2020. They were ready to invest more into their online presence, and wanted to be sure that the money would be well spent.

What steps were taken with their business?

Wallaroo began managing Facebook and Instagram ads for BPN in February of 2020, and Google ads in March. Unique ads and campaigns were designed for audiences of various interest groups in different stages of the conversion funnel. Consistent with BPN’s goals, spend increased dramatically in the following months, with April’s total being more than double February’s and June being 58% higher than April. Every month in this scaling period saw a sales total above $1M.

Given the positive results, BPN and Wallaroo stayed aggressive as they entered Q3. They started running ads for the first time on Snapchat, while continuing to build on the expansion they were seeing on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. By the end of September, BPN’s total spend across all platforms was 396% higher than it was in March, and they had logged their first two $2M months in company history.

BPN went into Q4 with the goal of even more gains, and with Wallaroo’s guidance, used October as a prep month for November. This audience gathering and learning, combined with an aggressive spend and a complex campaign structure, powered them to the most successful Black Friday in company history.

As we carry on in 2021, we continue to meet regularly with representatives at BPN to coordinate with strategies and collaborate on ad creatives and copy. The level of growth BPN has seen in such a short time would not be possible without open, direct communication between teams with a clear focus.

FB/IG Ad by Wallaroo Media

What results did they see?

In total, BPN’s monthly ad spend on Facebook and Instagram has increased 432% since our partnership started. Total conversions from these ads are up over 360%, while returns have remained high on these platforms, declining from 7.6X to 5.8X.


Another winner for BPN was Snapchat. Efforts on the platform saw excellent results, notching an average monthly return of 8.6X with the high-water mark set at  13.2X in November. It’s a platform that we are excited to explore further in 2021, refining BPN’s audience and voice to elevate their efforts further.

All totaled, BPN generated a total revenue above $20M in 2020, good for a 276% year-over-year growth in sales. As we look at the rest of the year ahead, we’re ready to “go one more” together and grow even more.

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