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Our success is tied directly with what Wallaroo has been able to help us achieve. 

Bullstrap Co-founder

Who is this client?

If you want premium leather accessories for you devices, look no further than Bullstrap. Whether a case for your new iPhone, new straps for your Apple Watch, or a snug case for you AirPods, Bullstrap decks out your important tech in stylish quality.

Bullstrap started with a pair of friends looking to buy leather straps for their own Apple watches. Unable to find anything satisfactory on the market, they decided that if they couldn’t buy them, they would make them.

They set out to learn about suppliers, leather working, and design, then got to work crafting Apple Watch straps. People loved them. Thanks to the popularity of these straps, Bullstrap was able to take what they had learned and expand into other areas. Through nearly five years of learning and growing, they have added a number of new premium items to their catalog such as phone cases, AirPod cases, and even non-Apple items such as wallets and backpacks.



What did they want to achieve with Wallaroo?

Bullstrap came on with Wallaroo in the early stages of their company with a goal to scale aggressively and sustainably. In 2018, they had achieved 24% growth and annual revenue in the high 5 figures. They wanted to continue this growth with Wallaroo and generate more sales via paid ads and email.

What steps were taken with their business?

Wallaroo and Bullstrap began their partnership with consulting in the Spring of 2019. This relationship quickly moved into Wallaroo managing their paid social media spend on Facebook. Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Google Ads, as well as managing their email marketing efforts. Ad spend was scaled up to 30% in July and an additional ~70% in August, all while Bullstrap’s ROAS stayed consistent. Inventory issues in September caused a temporary drop in spend, but advertising efforts quickly jumped back up once inventory was available again.

Wallaroo began to design unique email campaigns including emails for product launches, product features, sales, and promotions. Bullstrap’s existing email process was adopted into the process, allowing these advertisements to be sent from one unified email client.

Email Design by Wallaroo Media

Even with rising CPMs and a changing market, spend continued to scale upwards in 2020, with the first 6 months of the year seeing 20% more spend than the 6 months prior. Quarter 3 saw an additional 32% increase from Quarter 2.

All told, the average monthly spend has jumped by 325+% since spring of 2019.

Wallaroo and Bullstrap have been true partners for every step of this journey. Representatives at the two companies have met regularly to discuss trends and ad performance, and to collaborate on ideas to improve ad performance. These calls ensured that no opportunity was lost to scale Bullstrap sustainably, boosting their branding, photography, videography, and conversion rate.

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What results did they see?

The Bullstrap/Wallaroo partnership has yielded amazing results; the company went from a 5-figure year to a 7-figure a year in the first 12 months, a YOY growth of 1,184%.

Over this span, they maintained a ROAS of 2.5X+ across all channels, even while aggressively scaling spend. Returns stayed above 2X during Q2 & 3 of 2020, bumping overall growth further. 

They have also seen improved response on their email campaigns. Their email open rate and click through rates have both increased by over 200%, while the full-funnel revenue on these campaigns increased by over 150%.

Bullstrap is a perfect example of a company with a great product and branding that just needed a partner to help pin down the right strategy and approach to their digital marketing. We’re extremely proud of the results Bullstrap has seen.

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