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Called to Surf


YoY Sales Growth in 2020


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2020 Ad Spend

FB/IG/Snapchat Story Ads by Wallaroo Media

Who is this client?

Called to Surf is a local favorite here in Utah, known for selling girls’ and women’s clothing and accessories of every kind. The company started out as a brick and mortar shop in Provo and was able to expand to a second location. In 2016, they added an online store, and before long their online sales dwarfed their in-store sales. With a finger on the pulse of what is popular and in style, it’s normal to see stock rotate routinely and new items sell out quickly, making marketing a unique challenge.



A History of Called to Surf and Wallaroo

Wallaroo has been a part of Called to Surf’s story for nearly five years, helping them to establish their online presence in 2016, ensuring from the earliest stages that their site was built to perform efficiently. As a partner in the company’s journey, Wallaroo has closely monitored and assisted in their social ads from the start. Facebook and Instagram proved to be effective in generating conversions, and through careful and deliberate strategizing, advertising efforts on these platforms helped push an increase of over 2000% in total sales by 2018.

What steps have been taken recently?

Efforts towards growth continued to branch out over the past few years, building off of the success seen in the early stages of the partnership. In September 2018, Called to Surf began to run their first ads on Pinterest, which Wallaroo managed. All activity on Pinterest was experimental at first but within 6 months enough had been learned to confidently spend five digits each month on the platform.

In March 2019, the companies collaborated to start running Called to Surf ads on Google. Unlike the efforts on Pinterest, Google quickly reached a stable budget, and representatives at both companies have focused on how to more effectively use that budget and get the most value out of every dollar spent on the platform.

FB/IG Ad by Wallaroo Media

Another area of expansion for Called to Surf has been Snapchat. This is a more recent change, with the first ads being placed in July 2020. Through the first six months, Snapchat ads have seen an average of 300 conversions per month and performed well during Black Friday, generating a 3.9X ROAS over the weekend.

Facebook and Instagram have continued to grow as marketing has branched out. Average Yearly spend increased by 39% in 2018 as compared to 2017 , then by another 276% and 80% in the two years following, totaling 848% in expansion over the three year period. Even with a growing budget, the platform yielded a 2.7X ROAS in 2020.

In June 2020, Wallaroo took over email marketing for Called to Surf through Klaviyo, creating campaigns to go out to users who had visited the site and given an email, whether they were purchasers or not. These email flows were closely monitored and analyzed to pick out any winning strategies in terms of messaging, timing, which products to feature, etc. In addition to email flows, Wallaroo began SMS marketing efforts in August 2020, with many similar principles and strategies as the email campaigns.

As each of these changes took place, both companies stayed in lockstep with the strategy behind the new tactic, as well as the expected results. Regular video conferences to discuss progress, trends, goals and ideas have been critical to ensuring a good working relationship and a united vision and plan of action for Called to Surf.

What results have they seen?

With all sources of advertising accounted for, Called to Surf saw a yearly total ad spend of seven figures for the first time in 2020. Even with multiple platforms in early stages or being scaled upwards, they were still able to end the year with a total ROAS of 6.3X, with no individual month dropping below a 3.9X. Google has proven to be one of the best new advertising platforms for Called to Surf, boasting an 8.3X lifetime ROAS.

Organic efforts proved effective as well, climbing from a 4% share of online revenue in May 2020 to a 24% share of total online revenue in November. SMS campaigns have been particularly effective, nearly generating as much revenue as the email campaigns, which traditionally perform at a higher level.

As a whole, Called to Surf saw a 172% year-over-year growth in online sales in 2020. As we continue to work together with them and refine our advertising process, we are excited to see how Called to Surf can continue to expand and thrive across all of their marketing efforts.

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