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Little Caesar’s


Facebook and Instagram Users Reached


Decreases in Cost per Website Visit


Avearage Increase in Followers

FB/IG Feed Ads by Wallaroo Media

Who is Little Caesar’s?

The home of the Hot-N-Ready Pizza, Little Caesar’s has been serving up great food at an irresistible price point for over 60 years. Although they are best known for their to-go pizzas and crazy bread, the Little Caesar’s menu has a lot of complexity and options behind these flagship products. Like any other household name, Little Caesar’s still has a need to advertise (after all, sometimes the sight of a delicious pizza on your phone is just enough to make you decide “yeah, today can be a cheat day”). Representatives from the company came to Wallaroo to manage Little Caesar’s ads on a small scale.



What did they want to achieve with Wallaroo?

Starting in Summer 2018, Wallaroo was given the opportunity to manage local ads for 11 Little Caesar’s locations in Iowa and Washington state. Establishing a stronger online presence, bringing traffic into these local stores, and alerting people to deals running in the stores were key priorities, so ads were created to these ends. A reporting dashboard was built and shared with Little Caesar’s reps so they could track performance as a whole or by individual location. This dashboard automatically refreshed every half hour so it was always current whenever someone wanted to check in.

Fb/IG Feed Ad by Wallaroo Media

What steps were taken with their business?

Wallaroo took charge of creating a strategy for ad placement with the budget that Little Caesar’s provided, drawing geographic areas around each location in which to run ads and defining the audience that was to receive each kind of ad. Wallaroo’s creative team also built the assets to be used. The ads were not always as direct as “Hey, you, buy some pizza!”, ranging in purpose from encouraging customers to place online orders, alerting viewers to deals and promotions, or even informing locals of a change in management at their nearby store. The performance of these ads was always closely monitored to ensure that they were reaching key indicators and goals, and making changes as necessary to optimize performance.

Representatives at both companies checked in routinely to discuss trends in ad performance and their sector more broadly, re-adjust strategies and goals, and brainstorm new plans and ideas for the future. Because the budget was spread out across 11 locations, precision was critical. Not only did the right balance between stores need to be found, but with each restaurant operating on only a portion of the overall budget, every dollar had a larger impact, given the smaller scale.

What results did they see?

Over 20 months of working together, the ads Wallaroo managed for Little Caesar’s reached over 3.9 million users on Facebook/Instagram and generated over 1,000 extra monthly website visitors on average. Each location’s page also saw an average increase of 64 followers across Facebook and Instagram.

One of our major accomplishments was decreasing the cost of bringing viewers to the Little Caesar’s website. The average cost per result was 79% lower in the last three months of advertising than the average cost in the first three months.

We at Wallaroo are proud of what we were able to accomplish with Little Caesar’s while we worked together (and we may or may not have decided to have more impromptu pizza parties in our office during that time). Get in touch with us today to see what we can do for your company.

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