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Modest Vintage Player


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We have been constantly impressed with Wallaroo “walking the talk”—playing a huge role in growing our small business. We are excited to continue our high growth journey with Wallaroo by our side.

Josh Carmody
Modest Vintage Player Founder/ Creative Director

Who is this client?

Is it true that there’s no school like the old school? Those who use Modest Vintage Player’s products argue that it is. The old school has irreplaceable qualities that have been lost with modern innovation. There’s nothing like genuine leather goods, especially when it comes to sporting equipment. It’s a durable, versatile medium that makes for timeless products.

Every piece of equipment from MVP is true to its “old school” inspiration, being handcrafted in small batches from premium ingredients—no assembly lines, no faux leather or synthetic materials—to give a truly classic and authentic feel.

Whether it’s a soccer ball, golf glove, rugby ball, punching bag, or a pair of boxing gloves; whether it’s for everyday use or display, this group of craftsmen from New Zealand will ensure that it is a work of art. After all, a company isn’t going to call itself MVP if they don’t have the goods to back it up.



What did they want to achieve with Wallaroo?

MVP and Wallaroo began their partnership in late October of 2019. They were looking for someone to help them create an advertising presence on Facebook to help scale their brand and reach new audiences.

What steps were taken with their business?

In October 2019, Wallaroo started managing MVP ads on Facebook and Instagram. A steady ROAS of 3 was established in the first few months and remained stable through the end of Q1 in 2020. During this time, MVP took their first steps into Google Ads with Wallaroo as a guide.

Representatives at the two companies met regularly to discuss performance, trends, and plans to move forward. Wallaroo’s creative team collaborated with MVP to design ads and copy that highlighted what makes their brand special and drew viewers in to learn more or make purchases. Wallaroo’s ad buyers worked with MVP to pinpoint the right audiences, budgets, and bid strategies to maximize results. Communication stayed open so that both companies could work as partners with united goals.

They agreed to increase spend on Facebook and Instagram up to double its monthly amount during Q2 of 2020. After an initial dip from these changes, ROAS climbed back up where it was before. Google Ads stayed consistent during the quarter, maintaining the same results on the same budget as had been seen in Q1.

Q3 was transformational for MVP’s ads. Google scaled up 567% in spend from where they had started earlier in the year, and ad spend on Facebook and Instagram continued to increase, up to 300% of its 2019 pace. With these increases in spend, performance stayed level, setting the stage for more growth in Q4.

MVP began Pinterest ads in November (and Wallaroo was right there to help!). Strong performances on Facebook, Instagram, and Google in recent months gave MVP the confidence to extend their reach into another channel, and we are all excited to see where the new venture goes.

What results did they see?

MVP has seen great results already with Wallaroo. 2020 marked the first year that they reached 7 figures in sales revenue, with a year over year growth of 178% in this area. Since the start of this partnership, MVP’s average ROAS is 5.4X, with no individual month below a 3.1X.

The company’s revenue in November of 2020 was 34% more than their revenue for all of Q4 in 2019.

All this success came while scaling ad spend on Facebook and Instagram by 315%, and bringing ad spend on Google from 0 to 5 figures.

We’re proud of the results we have seen so far with Modest Vintage Player. Finding the right strategies and audiences has been an exciting, collaborative venture. Their product may be the real MVP, but even GOATs need a strong team around them to reach their full potential.

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