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Mr. Dims
Dims Founder

Who is Perk?

We all have those days where we wish we had more energy. Our to-do lists never seem to end and we’re all just human. We turn to coffee and energy drinks to help us push through, but how many of us really feel good about the quality of energy we’re putting into our bodies? This was a dilemma that Rena and Gary set out to solve with Perk. They created a drink mix with antioxidants, collagen, protein, and a kick of caffeine to offer a healthier alternative to other sources of energy.

“But why not enjoy that hot cup of energy?” they asked. And so instead of simply putting a bunch of healthy things together in a bottle, they experimented with flavors. The first batch of Perk was Chai Latte-flavored, with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, peppers, and no added sugar. With one taste, they knew they had a winner.

In the four years since, Rena and Gary have added Mexican Hot Chocolate, White Chocolate Peppermint Pretzel, Razzleberry Pie A La Mode and other flavors to the mix (heh), while also expanding to offer products with different benefits, such as helping your body’s overall wellness or promoting relaxation.



What did they want to achieve with Wallaroo?

Perk and Wallaroo joined forces in late February 2020. Perk was looking for a way to spend more on advertising on Facebook and Instagram, and to ensure that their money was being placed as efficiently as possible. They wanted to grow in as stable and consistent a way as possible. Wallaroo was able to take the wheel on strategy as representatives at both companies consulted on design, messaging, and budgets.

What steps were taken with their business?

Much like combining ingredients until you find that perfect blend for your Mojito Lime Creme mix (yep, that’s a Perk flavor), success with Perk’s advertising required focused and deliberate testing. Different audiences, budgets, creatives and messaging were blended together and winners started to separate themselves from the rest. CRM data and 1st-party Facebook data were a key component to these experiments.

Representatives at both companies met frequently to track performance and trends, as well as to collaborate on new ideas for any and all aspects of advertising. Among these conversations was how and when to run sales and promotions. Ultimately, three sales ran during 2020, and all of them saw impressive results, an important ingredient to the strong year that Perk had.

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The budget was also increased as Q4 started, because there’s no better time to warm up with a mug of Caramel Apple Pie a la Mode than the holidays! This seasonal directive made intuitive sense, but still needed to be approached with the proper strategy to help stand out from competitors.

What results did they see?

Perk’s total sales have jumped significantly since their partnership with Wallaroo began, with 2020 seeing 146% more total sales than 2019. Ad spend increased sharply from February to March, allowing for effective testing. As both companies learned from these tests, the budget continued to increase accordingly, culminating in a monthly spend in December that was 179% higher than March, with a ROAS of 8.2X, compared to March’s 9.5X.

The strategies Wallaroo and Perk pursued allowed for growth without sacrificing returns along the way. As the budget increased, the ROAS stayed level, starting at 8.0X in February and ending at 8.2X in December, with no month dropping below 6.5X.

The testing and learning done throughout the year allowed Perk to plan impactful sales in July, September, and November. These three months had an average ROAS of 10.5X and represented three of the top five months of the year in total sales.

The other two top months were October and December, as seasonal advertising proved effective. Q4 of 2020 saw more total sales than all of 2019, proving much had changed for Perk in such a short timetable and promising a strong future as they head into 2021. It’s a company with an exceptional product that just needed direction and assistance in the world of online marketing, and we’re proud to have been part of their journey.

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