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The most like instagram post was by coke

What is interesting is that the top Instagram post of 2016, the picture with (by far) the most likes, was an ad. The picture (below), was a collaboration between Coca Cola and Selena Gomez. It has more than 2 million more likes than the next most liked post ever on Instagram (also by Selena). How did Coca Cola pull this off? It’s about knowing your demographic and knowing what content works well for the demo/platform combo. Coca Cola teamed up with Selena to put some of her lyrics on a bottle. When she shared the post, all she wrote was “when your lyrics are on the bottle”. This allowed Selena to keep her “voice”. If you browse her feed, you’ll see that on almost every picture she shares, the caption is either a short phrase or just one word. The fact that her actual lyrics were on the bottle helped too. She also wore red to match the Coca Cola brand in the picture. All in all, it really was a perfect ad.

What did Coke have to shell out for this one post? Reportedly, the number is around $550,000, according to Us Weekly. That’s a lot of money for one post. But with over 6 million likes, almost 250,000 comments, and roughly 80 million impressions, that cost breaks down to less than one cent per view.

selena gomez instagram ad

How can you win at social media marketing? Finding the perfect recipe is always key. Coke did that here. If you want help growing your brand via social media, reach out to us today.


Brandon Doyle

CEO + Founder