"Coronavirus" Is The Most Popular Google Search Term of All Time

“Coronavirus” Dwarfs Every Google Search Term We Could Think Of, Except One…

Last updated: March 20, 2020

Coronavirus is obviously an incredibly hot topic right now. So we decided to dive in to the data and find out just how popular the search term actually is. Thanks to Google Trends, this task is actually pretty easy. Google has search data from 2004 to now, so we brainstormed events/topics that dominated culture during that time. iPhone releases, Kim Kardashian, World Cups, and of course, Donald Trump. How did all those stack up against “Coronavirus”? And what’s the one thing that topped it (albeit for one day)? Check out the screenshots below!

“Coronavirus” vs. “Election”

“Coronavirus” vs. “Donald Trump”

“Coronavirus” vs. “World Cup”

“Coronavirus” vs. “Star Wars”

“Coronavirus” vs. “Powerball”

“Coronavirus” vs. “iPhone”

“Coronavirus” vs. “Google”

“Coronavirus” vs. “Facebook”

“Coronavirus” vs. “Michael Jackson”

“Coronavirus” vs. “H1N1”

“Coronavirus” vs. “Steve Jobs”

“Coronavirus” vs. “Kobe Bryant”

This is the one and only phrase that was able to surpass Coronavirus. It was just one day, the day he passed. But it does show how much of an impact he had on the country and world (and still does). #MambaForever

“Donald Trump” vs. “Hand Sanitizer” vs. “Toilet Paper”

We thought we’d plot “toilet paper” and “hand sanitizer” against and incredibly popular search term, but not Coronavirus, to illustrate the massive jumps these phrases have made.


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Brandon Doyle

CEO + Founder