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Presidential Debate Meets Facebook Live

Last night’s presidential debate between candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump entered American’s homes, computers, tablets and phones in an unprecedented way. The first presidential debate of the 2016 election also marked the first time the event was ever streamed on Facebook Live.

The official partner of Facebook’s for the night was ABC News. The two teamed up to provide the most continuous stream of the event. However, many other major news organizations got in on the action streaming periodically on Facebook Live throughout the night. The chart lays out just how many views the streams received with each of them reaching the millions.

This is likely just the beginning of how a new generation engages in and watches politics, as Facebook wasn’t the only social media platform to jump on the live-streaming train. Twitter also streamed the event for the first time working with Bloomberg Television. The next presidential debate on October 9th will stream on both Facebook Live and Twitter, as well as on the old-pro YouTube, where the 2012 debate previously aired.

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Brandon Doyle

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