Reddit – The Overlooked Social Network With Massive Upside

Reddit Has Over 430 Million Active Users Who LOVE The Platform – Here’s Why You Need to Be Actively Marketing There NOW

Last updated: February 22, 2024

Reddit just filed for an IPO, so we thought we’d update this post and explain why you should be utilizing the platform for content distribution, website traffic, social listening, and more.

So first, some statistics. Then below, a guide on how to market on Reddit…

Here are some Reddit statistics that may blow your mind: over 435 million unique visitors/month, 73 million daily active users, 18 billion pageviews/month, 1.61 billion unique visits last month, 16 minutes spent per site visit, 53% men, 47% women, and 87% under the age of 35. 400,000 hours of video is watch on their platform daily. And it’s about to become a full-fledged social network. Reddit also recently reported that the weekly average user number is 267 Million people and that they have over 100,000 communities (subreddits).

Another interesting stat: A September 2018 comScore report showed that 65 percent of Reddit users are not on Pinterest; 43 percent are not on Snapchat; 33 percent are not on Instagram; 28 percent are not on Twitter and 17 percent are not on Facebook.

UNIQLO – A large retail brand, received 5% of ALL THEIR TRAFFIC over the last 12 months from a SINGLE THREAD on the r/frugalmalefashion subreddit. Insane numbers. Reddit has real power, and it should not be neglected.

From its inception until now, Reddit has always been a place to share links, letting you browse them, up- or down-vote them, and discuss them. But Reddit recently made a HUGE announcement. They’re creating user profiles, reminiscent of Facebook and Twitter, that will allow users to share posts/links directly to their own profiles. Reddit also announced that you will now be able to follow the profiles of different users. These moves mark a pivot for Reddit from the “front page of the Internet” to a true social network (and one that is larger than Pinterest and almost as big as Twitter). They’ll be introducing chat rooms as well. Reddit also just raised $300M themselves and is revamping their ad product to be more effective and include more tracking/analytics features.

So, now more than ever, you need to be marketing and sharing content on Reddit. At Wallaroo Media, we do a lot of content creation and content marketing. We always try to share content that we create on relevant subreddits. We’ve had pieces of content get hundreds of thousands of visits from Reddit by sharing them at the right time and the right place. Reddit can drive real results and impactful revenue. But you really need to know the ins and outs of the platform, the users and their behavior, and how to share content without devaluing your brand or getting a backlash from power Redditors. This post will teach you how…

reddit marketing

How to Market on Reddit

The best place to start with Reddit marketing is by identifying the best subreddit for your content, and by doing keyword research on the platform.

Keyword Research on Reddit

Keyword research on Reddit can be an in-depth project that takes several hours. There are some nice shortcuts you can take. This piece is not meant to be an in-depth article on keyword research, so I will link to the piece I recommend on the subject, here. That link takes you to a nice 7-step Reddit keyword research process using the tool Keyworddit, which is a tool I explain more below.

Subreddit Research on Reddit

To find which subreddits make the most sense for your brand to be sharing content on, use RedditMetrics and Redditlist (I explain these tools more below). The other way to do subreddit research is quite simple: Google it. For example, if your company sells nail polish, Google “nail polish subreddit” to see which ones come up. You can also search for subreddits that would be tangentially related to nail polish, like fashion or accessories or style.

Curating Social Media Content with Reddit

There are many different ways to curate social media content for a brand. One very effective but under-utilized technique is to create a private “Multi-reddit”. A multi-reddit can be created by combining relevant subreddits into one. So if I was running a nail polish company, I would combine subreddits related to nail polish, fashion, accessories, style, and perhaps a few more into one multi-reddit. Then, each morning, I would check my private multi-reddit to see what content is trending the most in my space. Then I would create social media content based off those trending items. To learn more about this awesome strategy, click here.

Building Karma and Finding What Works

Reddit Karma is a form of gamification that the platform employs that allows users to gain points for posting popular links and comments. The higher your Karma, the higher your links appear when they’re initially submitted. So building up personal or company Reddit profiles is a must.

As mentioned above, it is crucial to do subreddit research to find what type of content works on the subreddits that you are interested in posting on. Some subreddits only allow comments. Others prefer images. The majority prefer links. But knowing how to posture the link correctly so as not to be overly promotional is important. Reddit users are notoriously anti-advertising/anti-marketing. So be careful here. Again, you need to analyze content that has performed well on your desired subreddit(s) to inform your own posting strategy.

Reddit NFTs

Reddit recently introduced NFTs on their platform. Reddit partnered with 30 artists to release around 40,000 NFT avatar designs. The launch was a huge success and Reddit introduced over 3 million new people to NFTs. Check out this post for more info on what this means going forward.

reddit karma

Essential Reddit Tools & Resources

There are a few key tools and resources that are essential for a truly effective marketing campaign on Reddit. Below is a list of our favorites. Feel free to let us know if we missed some!

  • – Social listening tool that offers real-time tracking and alerts when your phrase is mentioned.
  • – Leaderboards of the fastest growing, top, or new trending subreddits.
  • – Tool that offers user tracking, post tracking, interaction data, and more.
  • Reddit Submission Time – A tool that shows you when the most successful posts are submitted to each subreddit.
  • – Similar to RedditMetrics, but this site offers some different data as well as subscriber growth and totals by subreddits.
  • How The Internet Talks – Fun tool that shows how keywords have trended on Reddit over the last decade.
  • Reddit Web Scraper – Tool that allows you to scrape data from Reddit.
  • Which Subreddits Send the Most Traffic – A deep dive into which subreddits send the most traffic to websites.
  • Top Posts All Time – Interactive about the top Reddit posts of all time in different categories.
  • Posting Times – Discover the best times to post on Reddit.
  • What to Post – Great in depth guide to posting on Reddit backed by research.
  • Notifier for Reddit – Cool new keyword monitoring tool for Reddit.

Also, here is a quick intro to Reddit’s new self-serve advertising platform. They now have a variety ad formats, and just added a new trending ads feature.

Our Favorite Subreddits

Reddit is full of incredible and interesting subreddits. Below are some of our favorites.

fast and furious reddit


Reddit should be an integral part of every content marketing campaign. It can be used to place content, learn about your target demographic and what they like, social media research, and more. Good luck!


Brandon Doyle

CEO + Founder