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“Is the iPhone 6 Plus a good phone?” on Google’s app:

“Restaurants provo utah” on Google desktop:

“What are the best restaurants near me?” on Google’s app:

“Best hotels provo utah” on Google desktop:

“5 star hotels by me” on Google’s app:

“Salons provo utah” on Google desktop:

“What’s the best salon around here?” on Google’s app:

“Physical therapy provo ut” on Google desktop:

“What are some quality physical therapy offices around here?” on Google’s app:

As you can see, the results can be VERY different. And keep in mind, the game is changing with Siri too. Google has also installed voice search in Chrome. The future of search is now. If you are not optimizing for this, you should get on it, immediately. Also, you can pretty much replicate the voice searches on desktop if you search for the same phrasing. But that is not in most people’s normal search habits. That’s what these voice apps are doing, they are changing the habits of how we use them.

You may want to ask, “What Do I Do Now?!” Good question. To prepare for this now, I’d recommend testing search queries related to your business/industry on Google’s app and Siri. See how your website ranks compared to desktop. If you rank measurably lower via voice search, then you should consider doing something about it. What do do? A bunch of testing. Test mixing in some conversational language into your copy. Test mixing conversational language into your title tag. Measure the results, along with your desktop rankings of course. There’s no definitive guide to this yet. Good luck!


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Brandon Doyle

CEO + Founder