Snapchat Launches Geostickers For Everyone, By City | Wallaroo Media

I love stickers. You love them. Ever since we were children, we’ve all loved them. Snapchat is on to us.  They have just launched “Geostickers”. Geostickers is a new Snapchat feature that lets users send city-specific stickers in snaps and messages (and perhaps in the near future, in geofilters too).


Right now, there are 15 stickers available in San Francisco. More to come soon. The stickers right now are caricatures that mock tech culture, high rents, and local landmarks. The Geostickers feature is also being launched in L.A., New York City, Washington DC, Honolulu, London Sydney, Sao Paulo, Paris, and Riyadh.

Instagram announced “Stories” yesterday, and Snapchat appears to be grabbing some of the news cycle back. (P.S. – I think Instagram’s “Stories”, although a copy of Snapchat, is going to be huge. Especially is Facebook integrates MSQRD into Instagram Stories, which we should assume that they will. So keep an eye on this.)

Snapchat’s geo-specific features have been huge draws for people and businesses thus far. Learn more about Snapchat geofilters and advertising on Snapchat here.

Geostickers builds on this community and provides another platform for customizable expression. The addition comes on the heels of Bitmoji integration with Snapchat last month. The app lets people create personalized self-reflective emoji that can be used as stickers in snaps.


Brandon Doyle

CEO + Founder