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16 Social Ad Types You Should Be Testing

Get Maximum Impact With These Ad Concepts for Meta and other Social Platforms 

In our ever-evolving advertising landscape, mastering a variety of ad concepts can unlock new dimensions of engagement and success. In this guide, we will explore a range of innovative ad concepts that are currently making waves on Meta. From captivating Storytelling to embracing Ugly Ads, each concept offers a unique way to connect, resonate, and convert with your target audience.

Meta — encompassing Facebook, Instagram, and other associated platforms — is a rich tapestry of opportunities, each requiring a unique approach to effectively tap into diverse audience pools. Whether you are a seasoned marketer or new to the digital advertising space, these insights will empower you to craft campaigns that not only capture attention but also forge lasting connections with your audience.


Compelling narratives have the power to captivate your audience, sparking emotional connections and driving engagement.

Why It Works

Emotional Engagement: Stories evoke emotions, making your brand memorable and relatable.

Narrative Arc: A well-crafted narrative keeps viewers engaged from start to finish, enhancing the impact of your message.

Brand Identity: Storytelling communicates your brand’s values and personality in a meaningful way.

Responding to a Question or TikTok Reply

Engaging directly with audience inquiries or user-generated content shows authenticity and fosters a sense of community.

Why It Works

Authentic Interaction: Direct responses create a personal connection with your audience, building trust and engagement.

User-Centric: Addressing questions or replying to TikTok content shows that your brand values its customers’ input.

Press Mentions

Showcasing positive press coverage amplifies your brand’s credibility and reputation.

Why It Works

Credibility Boost: Press mentions provide third-party validation, bolstering your brand’s authority.

Trust Building: Users trust brands endorsed by reputable sources, enhancing your credibility.

Product Demo (How-To)

Step-by-step product demonstrations provide valuable insights and showcase your product’s features.

Why It Works

Education: How-to videos demonstrate product benefits and help users understand its value.

Clear Communication: Visual demonstrations convey complex concepts in an easily digestible format.


Unveiling your product through unboxing videos generates excitement and curiosity.

Why It Works

Anticipation: Unboxing taps into the joy of receiving a new product, building anticipation among viewers.

Engaging Display: Unboxing showcases product features in a relatable and engaging manner.

Comparison (Us vs. Them)

Highlighting your strengths compared to competitors underscores your unique value proposition.

Why It Works

Value Clarity: A side-by-side comparison demonstrates your advantages, helping users make informed decisions.

Differentiation: Showcasing what sets you apart boosts brand recognition and consideration.

Social Proof Mashup

Showcasing a collection of user-generated content or testimonials reinforces your brand’s trustworthiness.

Why It Works

Social Validation: Positive user experiences validate your brand, encouraging trust and conversions.

Variety: A mashup provides diverse perspectives, resonating with a broader audience.

Reaction Videos

Capturing genuine reactions to your product or content adds authenticity and relatability.

Why It Works

Authenticity: Reaction videos showcase real-time emotions, fostering a deeper connection.

Engagement: Viewers enjoy witnessing relatable experiences, increasing engagement.

Customer Reviews with Angles

Highlighting customer reviews with specific angles (e.g. before-and-after) enhances your product’s benefits.

Why It Works

Visual Impact: Angled reviews visually demonstrate the positive impact of your product.

Evidence-Based: Tangible results increase trust and make your product more appealing.


Incorporating text-to-voice technology adds a unique and dynamic element to your ads.

Why It Works

Engaging Format: Text-to-voice ads stand out and engage users with an interactive experience.

Accessibility: This approach caters to diverse audiences, including those who prefer audio content.

Problem > Solution

Addressing a common pain point and presenting your product as the solution resonates with users seeking answers.

Why It Works

Relevance: Users actively seeking solutions are more likely to engage with content addressing their challenges.

Value Proposition: Presenting your product as the answer establishes its value and relevance.


Aligning your brand with current trends or challenges demonstrates relevance and fosters engagement.

Why It Works

Timeliness: Trend-based content shows that your brand is attuned to the latest developments, capturing attention.

Shareability: Trendy content is more likely to be shared, extending your reach.

Review Statics

Showcasing impressive review statistics highlights your product’s popularity and customer satisfaction.

Why It Works

Social Proof: Showcase a genuine and positive experience a customer has had with your product or service. By featuring a specific customer’s feedback, you’re providing potential customers with real-life evidence of the value and benefits your offering delivers. 

Emotional Connection: Customer reviews often convey emotions and personal experiences, helping potential customers connect with the positive outcomes they can achieve by using your product.

Organic-looking Ads
(Notes App, Post-it Notes, etc.)

Emulating organic formats, like notes or post-it notes, adds a relatable and authentic touch to your ads.

Why It Works

Relatability: Mimicking everyday formats resonates with users and feels less intrusive.

Native Appearance: Organic-looking ads blend into users’ feeds seamlessly, enhancing engagement.

Quiz Ads

Interactive quizzes engage users and personalize their experience, increasing time spent on your ad.

Why It Works

Engagement: Quizzes draw users in, encouraging participation and longer interaction.

Segmentation: Quiz responses provide insights for targeted follow-up campaigns.

Ugly Ads

Intentionally unconventional or “ugly” ads stand out and spark curiosity.

Why It Works

Curiosity: Unconventional visuals capture attention, compelling users to learn more.

Memorability: Ugly ads are distinctive and memorable, enhancing brand recall.

Diversity in ad concepts offers a multitude of opportunities to connect with your audience on Meta. From evocative Storytelling to engaging Ugly Ads, each concept taps into unique aspects of human psychology and behavior, driving engagement, trust, and conversion. By integrating these concepts strategically, you can create a well-rounded ad strategy that resonates with your audience and delivers exceptional results.


Eric Farmer

CEO - Wallaroo Media