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Remember when fame was something you only read about in glossy magazines or saw flickering on the silver screen? It was like a distant dream, reserved for those with the luck to be born under the Hollywood sign, or with a voice that could fill stadiums. Fast forward to today, and it feels like we’ve stepped into an entirely different reality. Thanks to the internet and the explosion of social media, fame isn’t just for the traditional elite anymore. It’s for the high school jokester who goes viral with a funny video, the bedroom musician whose soundcloud track unexpectedly blows up, or even the local barista who has a way with latte art that captivates the internet.

The currency of influence has undergone a radical transformation, morphing into something more potent and personal than traditional advertising ever dreamed of. In the past, brands would throw millions at TV spots, billboards, and print ads, hoping to catch the eyes of potential customers. But now, the game has changed. We are in the age of influencers—individuals who might have started off sharing their passions from their living rooms or local cafes, amassing followers who hang on their every word, like, and recommendation. 

Influencers have become the new darlings of advertising, not because they can recite a script, but because they’ve built a bridge of trust with their audience. Their followers don’t just passively consume; they engage, believe, and buy. This shift towards influencer-driven content is a testament to the power of authenticity and relatability in the digital age. Brands now covet a shoutout on social media more than a prime-time ad slot, signaling a seismic shift in how influence is wielded and value is created in the marketplace.

So, who are the most famous and popular Influencers online? 

We wanted to find out. So we did some research. As you might expect, the answer depends largely on who you ask or where you look. Our first step? We zeroed in on exploring the most popular social media platforms to gather insights.

Social Media Platform Monthly Active Users (MAU)
Facebook 3 billion
YouTube 2.5 billion
Instagram 2 billion
TikTok 1.2 billion
Snapchat 750 million
X (Twitter) 541 million

Lets look first at the most popular Influencers on each of the major social media platforms! 


Facebook remains one of the most popular social media channels due to its vast user base and diverse demographic reach. It’s particularly popular among users aged 25-34, representing its largest audience segment. Despite perceptions of it being favored by older demographics, it maintains high usage among individuals under 44. The platform’s success is further bolstered by its effectiveness in marketing, boasting high conversion rates and engagement levels for ads. This makes Facebook a valuable tool for brands looking to connect with a broad audience, including a significant number of social commerce buyers. Its capacity to adapt, introducing features like Stories and Reels that resonate with users, keeps it at the forefront of social media platforms

Rank Page Name Followers (millions) Description Country
1 Facebook 189 Social media platform United States
2 Cristiano Ronaldo 168 Football player Portugal
3 Samsung 161 Product and services South Korea
4 Mr. Bean 140 Fictional character United Kingdom
5 5-Minute Crafts 126 Internet media Cyprus
6 Shakira 124 Musician Colombia
7 CGTN 121 State media China
8 Real Madrid C.F. 120 Football club Spain
9 Will Smith 116 Actor United States
10 Lionel Messi 116 Football player Argentina
11 FC Barcelona 113 Football club Spain
12 China Daily 109 State media China
13 Coca-Cola 108 Product and services United States
14 YouTube 107 Product and services United States
15 Vin Diesel 106 Actor United States
16 Tasty 105 Internet media United States
17 Rihanna 104 Musician Barbados
18 Eminem 95 Musician United States
19 Xinhua News Agency 96 State media China
20 Neymar 92 Football player Brazil
21 Justin Bieber 92 Musician Canada
22 Netflix 91 Video on demand service United States
23 Selena Gomez 89 Musician United States
24 UEFA Champions League 86 European club football competition Europe
25 People's Daily 85 State media China


YouTube, with its 2.5 billion users, is a powerhouse of global engagement and a key platform for content creators and marketers alike. It’s not just a video-sharing website; it’s where 70% of viewers have discovered and purchased from brands. Its user base spans generations, with a significant portion of its advertising audience being adults aged 25-34. This demographic diversity, coupled with high engagement rates and the platform’s status as the top video streaming app, ensures its continued popularity among a wide range of users, making it a crucial channel for digital marketing strategies​.  (Youtube Stats)

Name Brand Subscribers (millions) Primary language Category Country
T-Series Yes 260 Hindi Music India
MrBeast No 240 English Entertainment United States
Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes Yes 172 English Education United States
Sony Entertainment Television India Yes 168 Hindi Entertainment India
Kids Diana Show Yes 119 English Entertainment United States/Ukraine
Like Nastya No 113 English Entertainment Russia/United States
PewDiePie No 111 English Entertainment Sweden
Vlad and Niki No 111 English Entertainment Russia/United States
Zee Music Company Yes 104 Hindi Music India
WWE Yes 99.6 English Sports United States
Goldmines Yes 94.5 Hindi Film India
Blackpink No 93 Korean Music South Korea
Sony SAB Yes 89.6 Hindi Entertainment India
5-Minute Crafts Yes 80.6 English How-to Cyprus
Zee TV Yes 77.6 Hindi Entertainment India
BangtanTV No 77.5 Korean Music South Korea
Hybe Labels Yes 74 Korean Music South Korea
Pinkfong Yes 72.9 English Education South Korea
Justin Bieber No 72.6 English Music Canada
Colors TV Yes 70.6 Hindi Entertainment India
ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs Yes 70.1 Hindi Education India
Shemaroo Entertainment Yes 67.6 Hindi Music India
Canal KondZilla Yes 66.9 Portuguese Music Brazil
T-Series Bhakti Sagar Yes 66.1 Hindi Music India
Tips Official Yes 63.9 Hindi Entertainment India


Instagram has solidified its presence as a dominant social media platform, boasting over 2 billion active monthly users by 2022, a milestone achieved just three years after hitting the 1 billion mark. Its global appeal is evident, with a near-even gender split among its users (51.8% male, 48.2% female) and significant user bases in India and the United States, showcasing its widespread popularity. 

Username Owner Brand account Followers (millions) Profession/Activity Country
@instagram Instagram Yes 669 Social media platform United States
@cristiano Cristiano Ronaldo 622 Footballer Portugal
@leomessi Lionel Messi 499 Footballer Argentina
@selenagomez Selena Gomez 429 Musician and actress United States
@kyliejenner Kylie Jenner 400 Media personality United States
@therock Dwayne Johnson 396 Actor and professional wrestler United States
@arianagrande Ariana Grande 380 Musician and actress United States
@kimkardashian Kim Kardashian 364 Media personality United States
@beyonce Beyoncé 319 Musician and actress United States
@khloekardashian Khloé Kardashian 311 Media personality United States
@nike Nike Yes 306 Sportswear multinational United States
@kendalljenner Kendall Jenner 294 Media personality United States
@justinbieber Justin Bieber 293 Musician Canada
@natgeo National Geographic Yes 284 Magazine United States
@taylorswift Taylor Swift 280 Musician United States
@virat.kohli Virat Kohli 266 Cricketer India
@jlo Jennifer Lopez 253 Musician and actress United States
@nickiminaj Nicki Minaj 229 Musician Trinidad and Tobago
@kourtneykardash Kourtney Kardashian 224 Media personality United States
@neymarjr Neymar 219 Footballer Brazil
@mileycyrus Miley Cyrus 216 Musician and actress United States
@katyperry Katy Perry 206 Musician United States
@zendaya Zendaya 184 Actress and singer United States
@kevinhart4real Kevin Hart 180 Comedian and actor United States
@iamcardib Cardi B 169 Musician and actress United States


TikTok has emerged as a formidable social media powerhouse with nearly 2 billion monthly active users globally, making it the 6th largest platform surpassing long-standing giants like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Notably, these figures exclude users from China, where TikTok operates under the name Douyin and boasts up to 700 million daily active users. The app’s demographic leans heavily towards the younger generation, with a significant portion of its global audience comprising women and men between the ages of 18 and 24. In the U.S., TikTok has captured a vast audience with monthly users exceeding 150 million, nearly half of America’s population, highlighting its significant market penetration. The platform’s engagement rates are notably high, with micro-influencers experiencing engagement rates of 17.96%, significantly outperforming Instagram and YouTube. This high level of engagement, coupled with the platform’s creative freedom and extensive reach, underscores TikTok’s unique position in the digital landscape and its appeal across diverse demographics​ (TikTok Stats)

Rank Username Owner Followers (millions) Likes (billions) Description Country
1 @khaby.lame Khabane Lame 161.5 2.4 Social media personality Italy / Senegal
2 @charlidamelio Charli D'Amelio 151.9 11.5 Dancer and social media personality United States
3 @bellapoarch Bella Poarch 93.8 2.3 Singer and social media personality Philippines / United States
4 @mrbeast MrBeast 93.3 0.94 Social media personality United States
5 @addisonre Addison Rae 88.6 5.8 Social media personality and dancer United States
6 @zachking Zach King 80.9 1.1 Social media personality United States
7 @kimberly.loaiza Kimberly Loaiza 80.8 5.1 Singer and social media personality Mexico
8 @tiktok TikTok 78.6 0.31 Social media platform China
9 @cznburak Burak Özdemir 74.6 1.5 Social media personality Turkey
10 @therock The Rock 74.2 0.53 Actor and former wrestler United States
11 @willsmith Will Smith 74.1 0.53 Actor and film producer United States
12 @domelipa Dominik Lipa 72.5 4.5 Social media personality Mexico
13 @bts_official_bighit BTS 64.1 1.3 Band South Korea
14 @selenagomez Selena Gomez 59.0 0.62 Musician, songwriter, actress, producer, and businesswoman United States
15 @jasonderulo Jason Derulo 58.1 1.3 Singer, songwriter, and dancer United States
16 @dixiedamelio Dixie D'Amelio 56.5 3.3 Singer and social media personality United States
17 @ox_zung Won Jeong 55.3 1.7 Social media personality South Korea
18 @kyliejenner Kylie Jenner 54.9 1.3 Model and socialite United States
19 @spencerx Spencer Polanco Knight 54.8 1.3 Beatboxer and social media personality United States
20 @lorengray Loren Gray 54.0 3.0 Singer, dancer, actress, and social media personality United States
21 @bayashi.tiktok Bayashi 54.0 1.6 Social media personality Japan
22 @youneszarou Younes Zarou 53.8 1.2 Social media personality Germany
23 @homm9k HOMA 52.6 1.2 Social media personality Kazakhstan
24 @justmaiko Michael Le 51.8 1.4 Dancer and social media personality United States


Snapchat, with its over 306 million daily active users, remains a key platform for reaching younger demographics, particularly those aged 18 to 24 who represent the largest segment of its advertising audience. This demographic spread, combined with the potential to reach 557.1 million people globally, positions Snapchat as a valuable tool for marketers targeting Gen Z and millennials. The platform’s significant user engagement is highlighted by the billions of snaps created daily, offering creative and dynamic advertising opportunities across various regions, including significant user bases in North America, Europe, and an expanding presence in countries like India (Snap Stats)

Rank Name Subscribers Category Country
01 Kylie Jenner 37M Model USA
02 Kim Kardashian 27.2M Media Personality USA
03 Khloé Kardashian 16.8M Media Personality USA
04 Kendall Jenner 16.7M Model USA
05 Kourtney Kardashian 15M Model USA
06 Selena Gomez 13.6M Female Musician USA
07 DJ Khaled 13.5M Male Musician USA
08 Ariana Grande 13.1M Female Musician USA
09 Kevin Hart 10.6M Male Celebrity USA
10 Loren Gray 10.2M Female Musician USA
11 Justin Bieber 9.77M Male Musician Canada
12 Hind Al Qahtani 9.1M Media Personality Saudi Arabia
13 Snoop Dogg 8.1M Male Musician USA
14 Gigi Hadid 8M Model USA
15 Demi Lovato 7.41M Female Musician USA
16 Jannat Zubair 6.21M Female Celebrity India
17 Bella Thorne 5.78M Female Celebrity USA
18 Neha Kakkar 5.5M Female Musician India
19 Zendaya 5.4M Female Celebrity USA
20 Avneet Kaur 5.2M Female Celebrity India
21 Shawn Mendes 5.1M Male Musician Canada
22 Neymar Jr 4.7M Football Brazil
23 Alissa Violet 4.3M Female Content Creator USA
24 Amanda Cerny 4.22M Media Personality USA
25 Logan Paul 4.2M Male Content Creator USA

X (formerly Twitter)

X continues to be a major platform in the social media landscape, boasting over 500 million monthly active users globally, with a significant daily user base of more than 200 million. It’s particularly popular among users aged 25-34, indicating its strong appeal to a younger, digitally savvy audience. The platform’s user demographic shows a slight male predominance, with men using X more than women. In the U.S., the platform has seen consistent engagement, with 23% of U.S. adults reporting they use it, a figure that has remained steady over several years. Interestingly, Twitter is the most popular social media site for news in the United States, with 55% of Americans getting news from the platform in 2021, underscoring its role in shaping public discourse and understanding of current events

Rank Username Owner Followers (millions) Description Country
1 @elonmusk Elon Musk 171.2 Business magnate and owner of X United States
2 @BarackObama Barack Obama 131.9 44th President of the United States United States
3 @justinbieber Justin Bieber 111.2 Musician Canada
4 @Cristiano Cristiano Ronaldo 110.5 Football player Portugal
5 @rihanna Rihanna 108.1 Musician Barbados
6 @katyperry Katy Perry 106.7 Musician United States
7 @narendramodi Narendra Modi 95.5 Prime Minister of India India
8 @taylorswift13 Taylor Swift 95.1 Musician United States
9 @realDonaldTrump Donald Trump 87.4 45th President of the United States United States
10 @ladygaga Lady Gaga 83.1 Musician and actress United States
11 @YouTube YouTube 79.7 Online video sharing platform United States
12 @NASA NASA 78.7 Space agency United States
13 @KimKardashian Kim Kardashian 75.1 Television personality United States
14 @EllenDeGeneres Ellen DeGeneres 74.8 Comedian and television host United States
15 @X X 67.4 Operator of platform United States
16 @selenagomez Selena Gomez 66.5 Musician and actress United States
17 @BillGates Bill Gates 64.4 Businessman and philanthropist United States
18 @cnnbrk CNN Breaking News 63.9 News channel United States
19 @neymarjr Neymar 63.1 Football player Brazil
20 @CNN CNN 62.1 News channel United States
21 @jtimberlake Justin Timberlake 61.1 Musician and actor United States
22 @imVkohli Virat Kohli 60.2 Cricket player India
23 @PMOIndia PMO India 55.4 Office of the Prime Minister of India India
24 @nytimes The New York Times 55.2 Newspaper United States
25 @britneyspears Britney Spears 55 Musician United States

So.. Who Are The Most Followed/Subscribed & Popular Social Influencers?

If you add subscribers from every social account. Here are the most popular accounts!

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – 900.5 million followers
2. Selena Gomez – 689.9 million followers
3. MrBeast – 625.54 million followers
4. Justin Bieber – 593.7 million followers
5. Taylor Swift – 534 million followers
6. Ariana Grande – 509.6 million followers

Cristiano Ronaldo

Platform Followers
Facebook 168 M
Instagram 622 M
X 110.5 M
Total 900.5 M

With 900 M total followers, it’s hard to argue Ronaldo’s dominance in the social sphere.

Ronaldo is undeniably a giant in the social media world.

But, let’s not just stop at the numbers. They’re huge, no doubt, but they don’t tell you everything. I think there’s more to the story when you start looking at the whole picture of online influence.

But, Who is Actually The Most “Influential” Person?

Being well-known is one important element of influence, but its a bit more nuanced than just popularity. Being influential means having the capacity to impact the thoughts, behaviors, or decisions of others, often in a profound or widespread manner. This influence can stem from various sources. Influential people have a significant effect on their communities or even on a global scale, shaping opinions, trends, and policies.

So, This one gets a little harder to measure. But, we think there is a clear winner here as well.

Let’s talk about Jimmy (AKA MrBeast) He’s got a fanbase that stretches across the globe, and his videos? They’re hitting millions of views each time he posts. That kind of engagement says a lot. It’s not just about having followers; it’s about having people hang on your every word or video. While Ronaldo’s got a massive audience, MrBeast shows us that being a big deal online is also about how much you’re seen and how people interact with your content. It’s a whole different ball game when you consider the reach and connection beyond just the follower count.

MrBeast (James “Jimmy” Stephen Donaldson )

Channel Name Followers/Subscribers
MrBeast 238M
Beast Philanthropy 22M
MrBeast Gaming 41M
Beast Reacts 32M
MrBeast 2 (YouTube) 36M
Twitter/X - @MrBeast 28M
Instagram - MrBeast 49M
TikTok - @MrBeast 93M
Facebook - MrBeast6000 17M
Reddit - r/mrbeast 1M
LinkedIn - Jimmy (MrBeast) Donaldson 150K
Twitch - Mrbeast6000 540K

MrBeast also has an international presence with accounts in various languages:

Channel Name Subscribers
MrBeast en Español 25M
MrBeast Gaming en Español 5M
Beast Reacts en Español 6M
MrBeast Brasil 6M
MrBeast Gaming Brasil 1.6M
Beast Reacts em Português 1M
MrBeast На Русском 6M
MrBeast Gaming На Русском 1M
Beast Reacts На Русском 800K
MrBeast en Français 1.7M
MrBeast हिन्दी 4M
MrBeast in Arabic - مستر بيست بالعربي 2M
MrBeast Japan ミスタービースト 20K

If we total the followers/subscribers that MrBeast has across each of these major channels.

The total number comes to: 625.54 M

That’s a huge number of followers, but what we find impressive is the reach each video MrBeast produces

MrBeast has videos with hundreds of millions of views. His “Squid Games” video alone has more than 575 M views!

So, Who Is the #1 Influencer in the World?

If we’re just looking at follower counts, Cristiano is at the top of the leaderboard.

However, when you consider overall reach and influence, it’s MrBeast who we believe really takes the top spot.


CJ Lewis

COO - Arvo