Facebook Groups – A Social Media Marketing Goldmine

Facebook Groups are still under-utilized by brands of all sizes. That should end soon. Groups are the future. Here’s why.

facebook groups marketing

200 Million+ Groups

There are over 200 million groups on Facebook. That’s a lot. Facebook now has 2.2 Billion monthly active users. That’s also a lot. Facebook Groups are growing fast, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg thinks that meaningful groups and communities are the future of social. So the emphasis internally at Facebook (and down the road at Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.) is going to be growing these meaningful groups and communities. That’s why your brand needs to have an effective Facebook Groups strategy.

10X Organic Reach

The Facebook Newsfeed algorithm changes often. Between the recent issues related to privacy/ads/GDPR/etc., there’s been more flux than usual of late. Organic reach of posts by Facebook Pages has been steadily decreasing for years now (it currently sits around 3%-5% and Instagram is following the same trajectory). Through internal testing, we’ve found that posts by Facebook Groups have average organic reach numbers ranging from 30%-50% – a 10X improvement over Pages. So if you have a Page with 1,000 fans and a Group with 100 followers, the organic reach of a post on each will be roughly the same.

Innovative Tools

In an effort to supercharge the growth of Groups, Facebook has recently introduced some powerful tools. Everything from paid subscriptions to guides to third party analytics. Facebook also recently re-introduced apps for Groups. Expect more tools and resources to come in the near future.

Low Competition

Right now, brands are hesitant to go all in on Facebook Groups. At Wallaroo, when we see data like 200 million users and 40% organic reach, combined with low competition, we get excited.

Some brands, however, are getting into the action. Check out the snippet below from a recent Digiday article:

At Facebook’s F8 conference, the social platform … brought indoor cycling workout company Peloton onstage as a success story. Peloton has nearly 88,000 members in its closed group, Official Peloton Member Page. The company has had time to cultivate the group because it started it three years ago, and community is core to what the company does, said Brad Olson, SVP of Member Experience at Peloton. He said the Facebook group receives 300 posts, 5,000 comments and 20,000 reactions every day. “It’s a great way for our members to engage with one another between workouts, and share their goals and hold each other accountable,” he said.

Other brands are having success as well.

Facebook Groups Strategy

We recommend that companies have their own groups that they run, as well as tangentially related groups. For example, a hypothetical women’s ecommerce clothing brand named “Bleu Cheese Boutique” would have a group dedicated to die-hard fans that get early access to new releases through the group (perhaps it’s even a subscription group), titled “Bleu Cheese Boutique Lovers”. They’d also have a separate group that’s titled “Hot Fashion Trends” where they would post content related to the latest fashion trends (while seeding their own products in there every now and then). They could have another group titled “Rom-Com Die-Hards” where they would post content related to outfits worn on rom-coms (while fitting in relevant posts from their brand when applicable).

That’s a quick/high-level strategy that can work for most companies. If you have more in-depth questions, feel free to tweet me @travelintweeter, or email me here: brandon@wallaroomedia.com.

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